What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About a Montessori Bedroom

I see beautiful shelves being posted all of the time, but I cringe when I see stimulating works in bedrooms, which are meant for sleep and rest. Montessori uses the play to sleep method, which requires a calm, restful atmosphere conducive to sleep. It’s just like how adults shouldn’t have their home office in the same room where they sleep. It’s far too distracting and keeps you up.

Here’s what a toddler bedroom might have:

  • A low night light in a color other than blue, which wakes up the brain. I like the Hatch Baby Rest because it can be programmed to turn off and on at set times.
  • A bed: it could be a floor bed, although I personally use a mini-crib and Little K can access her play items from it
  • Books
  • Comfort objects like stuffed animals
  • Soft pillows and blankets, remembering that blankets aren’t considered safe before 1 and pillows aren’t recommended for sleep until 2

That’s really all.

If you want to make sure you’re using Montessori friendly items, use a floor bed get realistic looking stuffed animals and select nonfiction books. However, in the spirit of Montessori, we’re teaching our children that their sleeping area is for rest and sleep. This concept should be primary in our minds when we plan out their bedrooms.

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