Early Reading with the Bob Books

The Bob Books guide young children through the basic elements of reading, step by step. The stories are created using phonetic words only, introducing only a few new sounds at a time. Here’s how I use them, as part of my morning language lessons:

  1. Letter Sounds: introduce or review using my DIY sandpaper letters or my magnetic moveable alphabet. I use the 3 part lesson to do this.
  2. Word Cards: Introduce or review sight words, also using the 3 part lesson
  3. Read the Bob Book Aloud

Pacing is key. Move quickly and give brief lessons. Don’t be concerned or try to get your child to understand completely. If they’re incorrect, move back a step in the 3 part lesson and keep going. Too slow, and you’ll bore the child, too insistent and you’ll discourage him.

I do this routine every morning, switching books each week, regardless of mastery. I will cycle back when I complete the set. The only prep is pulling out the new letter sounds and writing the new word cards, or pulling them out.

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