Public Library Love

We LOVE our local Public Library and frequently utilize its many wonders for Activity Time. Not only is it a change of scene but it also provides many materials that I don’t have to have cluttering up my own home. Here are a few wonderful activities we do at our Public Library:

Story Time

Our library offers story time a few times per week for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The story time is infused with sing alongs and finger plays, and following they provide toys for free play time. It’s free, fun, and educational!

3 Part Lesson / Color Study

A Montessori 3 Part Lesson has well, 3 parts. First, you point to an object and name it. Second, you ask the child to point to the object (“Where is the apple?”). And third, you point to the object and ask the child to name it. We use wooden puzzles at the library to study new objects. The puzzles each focus on a single color, so we also use them for color study. We mix up a few of each of the pieces and sort them by color.


Along with books, our children’s section features legos, duplo blocks, and magna tiles. We love sitting and building with all of these toys. This activity will last through the preschool and elementary years, naturally advancing as she develops.

Read and Check Out Books

This one is pretty straightforward. There are endless books in the library and we explore new topics. Sometimes Little K chooses books for me to read to her, and other times I draw on her interests and pick out a variety of fun new books. As a multilingual family, we love being able to check out books in Spanish and Italian too, for our midday bilingual story time.

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