Leaf Theme

Fall is here! Time for a super simple and super engaging theme: Leaves! Here’s what we did this week:

24297281_319698271847528_2259057366023790301_oLeaf Collection

As the leaves began to fall, we collected them. Magically, we passed under a row of trees just as their leaves began to detach and float downwards. Little K picked her favorites and we put them in her backpack to study more later. Everywhere we went, we added to our collection

Sensory Play

The leaves and the natural environment provide ready-made sensory play. Leaves don’t just change color in Autumn; they change texture and feel very different in little hands.


We sorted our leaves by color. Leaves can also be sorted by type of leaf (this one is great for older kids learning how water travels throughout plants) or by size. Colors can be sorted into piles or ordered by gradient creating an Autumn rainbow look.


Art with leaves is endless. Families can draw their leaves, press them onto clay or between contact paper, or glue them onto paper or other items. Little K is still pretty young so we chose to display our leaves in mason jars, which we added to our Thanksgiving decor.

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